HGraph Punks

The first large scale NFT collection on the Hedera Network. Building on Hedera to prove it's the best network for NFTs.

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What are HGraph Punks?

HGraph Punks are a NFT project creating new experiences and technology on the Hedera Network.

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We are builders and have proven our worth over the last year. You can read all about what we've accomplished this last year here

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We built a music venue with our partner VCEEZY to bring live concerts streamed  into our token gated metaverse, unlocking web3 for creators.

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We are building out a DAO voting platform that will be used to help get direction from holders and allow them to make decisions for the project's growth

Punks For Good!

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We believe it's essential to give back to improve the quality of life for others as we grow forward as a project.

Over the last year, we helped to coordinate and execute a Hedera-wide charity event with 65+ NFT artists, raising over $100,000 for hcwc.

We also auctioned off our ‘Hiro Glitch GIF’ Punk and donated 100% to Save The Children ($22,377)!

This year we hosted another network wide NFT auction that raised over 240,000 HBAR!

Not to mention: 1% of all income will be given to charity.

HGraph Punks Breakdown

There are several different collections under the HGraph Punks name. Below are the different types and what makes them.

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Glitch Punks

Glitch Punks is a set of 50 NFTs that were given randomly to our first 1,000 supporters when we started our project back in September 2021. Glitch punks farmed for 100 Coin Eyes Punks.

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Coin Eyes Punks

Coin Eyes Punks were given out to the first 1,000 supporters of our project. They are VIP passes to The Liftoff, a digital venue
meta-verse that HGraph Punks is building in collaboration with VCEEZY.

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Collab NFTs

We have partnered with Lazy Super Heroes, Doodle Verse, and VCEEZY to create 3 top shelf collaboration NFTs.

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Drop 1

The initial drop of 512 HGraph Punks of the 8,192 are on a separate Token Id.

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Drops 2+

All future drops of the main collection will be on the Token Id 0.0.817591.

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Seasonal airdrops are distributed for free to holders of HGraph Punks. Over 5,000 NFTs have been airdropped so far!

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HGraph Punks Accomplishments

Halloween Airdrop

5,158 NFTs were airdropped to our holders for free for Halloween. NFTs were dynamically created based on what that user was holding.

1st Metaverse Concert

We put on a successful first show in our metaverse music venue and are working on an event calendar for upcoming performances!

Launch Voting

Voting has been launched and the first ballot has closed on our platform at turtlemoon.io/voting . More votes will take place in the future.

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Launch Points System

We are creating a pointing system that is immutable, auditable, and earned through staking and other means.

HGraph Punks Team

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Frequently asked questions

We've been building for over a year and created a list of some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have any that aren't on the list, join our discord and ask away!